Thursday, July 9, 2009

Russia's Euro Run was Fun! Part 1:

Russia was the most exciting team in the Euro tournament of 08. After David Villa scored a hat trick in the open game for the eventual winner Spain, Russia woke up. 4-0 was the score and then the Russians snapped to reality and executed a plan. With a clean tactical approach beginning after the whistle to start the game up after Spain's third straight goal, Russia started playing. Each player has a role and each player from then on fulfills it. Not only fulfills their positional duties, but creates chances, and intern they give themselves a fighting chance in the tournament. The teamwork was absolutely beautiful at times. The shape of the team never broke quite like that again.

I watched every game Russia played in the tournament. I was rooting for them to beat Greece and they earned a victory. The next two games were truly aw inspiring. Andre Arshavin and Roman Pavliachenko launched their club careers with their performances. Arsenal and Tottenham as well as others have Russian talent on the radars until further notice.

1st goal: Roman Pavliachenko opens up the Russian score sheet in the Euros. Russia was overwhelmed by the size of the stage and the polished skill of club superstars that pack the roster.

Russia vs. Greece
Round Two Group Stages

Every game is certain elimination for Russia from here on. They played like they wanted the third game. Roman starting firing and the score could very well have been larger. A positioning error by Greece resulted in a goal that ended up winning the game for Russia. Russia takes another dose of confidence by eliminating the reigning champs. After the first defeat, to win with confidence against the former champs without play maker Andre Arshavin, is huge! They have everything to play for again.

Russia vs Sweden

Russia came into this game on a high note after knocking out Greece and suiting up Andrew Arshavin. Sweden had just come off a heartbreaking loss to Spain. Sweden's defensive side was literally threaded by David Villa for the winning goal and their defensive shape was dismal. Russia came at Sweden with all the pieces they had. Gus Hidink schooled the over-rated Swedish side. You'll notice that the Swedes look like they are literally being run around.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stabbed by a dagger. It came and went in a second.

After beating Greece in the first group stage match 2-0, Sweden faced Spain. Spain, coming off a dominating win over Russia 4-1 featuring a hat trick by David Villa were high with confidence. Getting into the rhythm of tournament play, Spain opened the scoring via a goal from Fernando Torres.

Sweden with their backs against the wall pulled one back with a cheeky little goal by zlatan ibrahimovic to tie the game at 1-1.

Both sides attacked and defended as if their lives depended on it and it seemed as though the game would end in a stalemate. But in a flash of brilliance Sweden was handed a ticket to a must win 3rd game by David Villa, giving him four goals in two games to start the eventual champions off. Villa put Spain on his shoulders and single highhandedly catapulted his team into the quarterfinals.

I remember watching this game and seeing the air get sucked out of Sweden. I couldn't imagine scoring a game winner in front of the opposition fans like that. Sweden's fans got a perfect view of Villa slicing a dagger through them like butter. Enjoy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Disecting Fernando Torres's first goal for Liverpool

World Class Fernando Torres Win's the heart of Anfield with his first goal for the Reds

This is one of my absolute favorites. After a crisp through pass from Steven Gerrard. Torres runs on to the ball and takes a touch. Ben Haim runs to defend on the first touch. Immediatly as Haim arrives and sets his feet to defend, Torres skins the Chelsea defender. Pushing the ball into space in front of him at the exact moment the Chelsea defense tries to bite.

El Nino makes them pay. Torres opens his body up to the far post and follows through the shot and places it beautifully. Ben Haim was left to watch Torres number fly by as the goal is scored in a flash. If you really dissect this goal you can see that Torres follows through the shot and ends his momentum right in front of the end line. Any further and the shot would have missed because angle at the far post would have proved to tight. The finishing skills of Fernando Torres were very well known after scoring a slick goal like that. He went on to score 30 for the season.

Liverpool v. Chelsea