Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dangerous Facts About Fernando Torres

Dangerous Facts About Fernando Torres: Needs little space to find enough green pasture to score. Defenders have an impossible time one on one. If need be, he will straight up beat you. Below, you will observe some examples. Learn Quickly When Defending

Fact: This West Ham defender posts up near the top of the box when Torres is fed the ball. A couple step overs and the defender is off balance enough for Torres to put the ball around him with the out side of his right foot. Torres uses his momentum so well when finishing. I mean seriously, the momentum follows from the approach and continues through the shot all the time. All of El Nino's attempts are dangerous and precise.

Fact: Remember the game winner of the Euro's last year...?(it's irrelevant because its below) Torres out positions one of the best left backs in the world, Philip Lahm. Using his speed, Torres works for this goal and straight beats the defender and chips the ball into the side netting. This is biggest goal of Torres's career so far.

Fact: One of his first goals for Liverpool and "If need be, he will straight up beat you." Snap! Look Out!

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