Thursday, September 10, 2009

England book their ticket to South Africa

England! Looking Serious.

Qualifying calmly with two games to spare, England is a new team. They've shaken off the shocking loss to Croatia that kept them out of the Euro's last year. Moreover, the squad has been meticulously picked according to balance and cohesion on the pitch. They look like a new team. A much better team.

It was just last year when I was watching England struggle to qualify for the Euro's and shaking my head in disbelief at the lack of teamwork. England's two top superstars, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, could not play together to produce something productive. David Beckham was crossing the ball from the right while the young and speedy Aaron Lennon watched from the bench. The midfield was imbalanced and lacking control. I could go on but it's all in the past.

All the aforementioned has changed. England have a new skipper and a new attitude. Gareth Barry is holding down the midfield and adding vision to the game. Frank and Stevie G are lighting up the game like the superstars they are. England's youth is being given a chance and Fabio Capello is using England's arsenal of top class weapons superbly.

England qualify with the most goals scored in the European groups. The group as it stands now shows a beat down. 31 Goals For. 5 Goals Against. A +26 goal differential.


Simply stated, England has played eight qualifiers. England has won all eight and dominated their group. They have never qualified with games left to be played in qualification. This in turn allows England to test out their firepower and establish a strong bond before the World Cup.

England moves forward as a collective unit after this first goal. They shine as one team and confidence beams from their play. Have a look.

It's all over...Then Croatia score. Then England score and politely say "Thank You Very Much"

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