Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top Performances: Didier Drogba is a man among boys

My uncle Mike sent me a text the other day with the statement, "6 - 0 and looking strong. Drogba is a man among boys." Truth spoken from my close Chelsea supporter/expert/uncle. So I say "True That" and here's the proof. Enjoy Mike.

Basically, Drogba is having a field day at Stamford Bridge and he keeps on getting better. Just have a look at Drogba's year so far. The best player from Africa and the captain of the Ivory Coast, Drogba, on good days is the Best Player I've seen. He's THAT good. So far this year, he's hit the ground running and below are a few of those genius moments.

The opening game of the season vs. Hull City. Drogba calmly turned the game around in favor of the Blues.

With the equalizing goal, Didier "wow's" us with his amazing shooting prowess. A Christiano Ronaldo reminiscent looking goal to open is goal campaign in 2009.

On the 92nd minute on opening day, Drogba shrugs off a defender and shapes the winning possession with a determined run. Receiving the ball close to the end line Drogba, with a flick of improvisation, highhandedly incites elation on opening day at Stamford Bridge.

The Ivorian plays at a high level with power and control. The best players in the game today can influence games with solo's as well as accompaniment. This last weekend against Tottenham, Drogba scores around three defenders with passion. His positioning led to an amazing touch around the keeper. Very classy.

Drogba is a legend in the Ivory Coast, a country that stopped a long a violent civil war in 2006. The war ended after the qualification of the Ivory Coast to it's first World Cup finals inspired the country to cease the fighting. It's been peaceful ever since and the Ivory Coast is going to make it's second appearance to the World Cup finals. In South Africa, look for Drogba and the rest of the Ivorian exports to be a serious contender in the Finals. African Soil and the breakout of African Nations on the world stage will co inside.

The top performer so far this season is upfront for the Blues. Watch out.

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